FryDay Connects with other Content Creators at Triller Event and Speaks with Triller CEO Mahi De Silva

The FryDay Food Truck Owners, Theo Okuribido and Juhahn Jones, made a splash at the Triller event last night as they sat down to discuss the future of digital content creation with other creators. The dynamic duo, known for their mouthwatering loaded French fries, wowed the crowd with their insights on how to create compelling content in the digital age. Okuribido and Jones shared their secrets on how they've used social media to grow their food truck business and engage with their loyal customers. They also talked about their experiences working with influencers and collaborating with other brands to create unique, shareable content.

The event was a hit, with attendees hanging on every word from the FryDay Food Truck Owners. Many left feeling inspired and ready to take their own content creation efforts to the next level. But the fun didn't stop there. It was the perfect end to a memorable evening.

Overall, the FryDay Food Truck Owners' appearance at the Triller event was a major success, and it's clear that their expertise in digital content creation is only set to continue growing in the future with FryDay.